Neutral appearance and high solar protection

COOL-LITE® 148 II is a selective solar control coating which extends our range of COOL-LITE® KN coatings by a new ‘to be tempered’ reference.
The major feature is its solar control factor (g=0,32 in DGU) and the low inside reflection (RLi=18%).
The coating is deposited as a standard on PLANICLEAR.


COOL-LITE® KN 148 II is ideal for all types of facades such as commercial buildings, Shopping center, Hotel & Restaurants, where special design is requested. It also provides multi possibilities for processing: Tempering, Laminating.


AESTHETICS: medium external reflectivity (*27%) with slightly ivory color, meeting the latest architectural trends for a strong design statement. The low internal reflection brings optimal visual comfort.

SOLAR PROTECTION: achieving a very good level of solar protection with a solar factor of *0,32, (in standard DGU configuration), cooling loads are thus reduced under hot climates

THERMAL COMFORT: very good level of thermal insulation, Ug =1.0, for maximum of comfort during winter.

VISUAL COMFORT: suitable for hot, sunny areas, offers high visual comfort through the appropriate light transmission and glare reducing.

FLEXIBILITY: COOL-LITE® KN 148 II is adapted to many kinds of processing: Tempering and Laminating for good level of security. Bending* replies well the current curved glass trend.


The most recent coating of the flexible COOL-LITE® KN selective range, COOL-LITE® KN 148 II stands out with its special aesthetic and low solar factor, and these features lead to a wide range of possibilities for architectural and technical specifications.
The very low solar factor
1. reduces cooling loads,
2. therefore, reduces the cost of air conditioning,
3. is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces the use of primary energy and associated CO2 emissions,
4. associated to a light transmission around 50%, enhances visual comfort by filtering the daylight.

Handling & Processing


Processing COOL-LITE® KN 148 II is the same as for all other COOL-LITE® KN coatings.

COOL-LITE® KN 148 II must always be assembled into an insulating glass unit.
The coating must always be placed on surface #2.
Edge deletion of the coating is compulsory prior to assembly into an IGU.