Represents the most advanced thermal insulation performance within the PLANITHERM family

PLANITHERM ONE represents the most advanced thermal insulation performance within the PLANITHERM family. It offers the lowest possible centre pane U-value available from a double or triple glazed unit in the UK today.


The PLANITHERM range of products consists of:

  • PLANITHERM TOTAL+ - ideal for North facing elevations to capture the most of the sun's heat
  • PLANITHERM ONE  - Ideal for south facing elevations or large bi-fold doors
  • PLANITHERM 4S - Ideal for conservatories
  • PLANITHERM ULTRA N - Ideal for commercial buildings

PLANITHERM ONE is an extremely versatile low-E solution suitable for a wide range of applications:


  • Windows and skylights
  • Patio doors, bi-fold doors, French doors and other external doors
  • Conservatories and sun rooms

SGG PLANITHERM ONE supplied by Glassolutions offers a number of key benefits that clearly differentiate it from other low-E products and suppliers.

Sealed unit manufacturers

  • Enables manufacturers to offer customers a low glass U-value option for their windows or facades.
  • The PLANITHERM ONE coating is highly durable and easy to process helping to ensure the highest levels of quality of finished units.
  • A British-made product with full range availability from national, regional and local Glassolutions branch & customers, in a range of sizes and supported by nationwide availability of toughened product.
  • PLANITHERM ONE is part of a family of products each specifically engineered to deliver maximum performance for the relevant market – whether that’s domestic home improvement, new build or commercial.
  • Glassolutions offers its manufacturing customers comprehensive technical, operational and marketing support – including access to the PLANITHERM Installer Network

Window or facade fabricators / installers

  • Exceptional thermal insulation performance through very low centre pane u-values (1.0W/m2K in double glazed format and 0.5W/m2K in triple glazed format) while retaining advanced neutral aesthetics.
  • Greater flexibility in compliance for all frame types.
  • Reduced condensation on the inner pane of glass.
  • Using sealed units with PLANITHERM ONE inside virtually guarantees compliance to the UK Building Regulations in terms of helping windows and facades achieve low whole window U-values.

End-users / clients

  • Considerable reductions in heating bills.
  • Eliminates cold areas around windows.
  • Significantly reduced condensation on the inner pane.
  • Maximises the transmission of natural light into the building, especially when compared with other low-e glasses.

PLANITHERM ONE can be combined with many other glass products, providing a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options, including:

  • Solar control glazing (e.g. COOL-LITE or ANTELIO)
  • Acoustic insulation (e.g. STADIP SILENCE)
  • Safety and security (e.g. STADIP / STADIP PROTECT / SECURIT)
  • Spandrel panel / screenprinted glazing (e.g. EMALIT EVOLUTION / SERALIT EVOLUTION)
  • Self-cleaning glazing (e.g.\BIOCLEAN\)
  • Obscured and/or decorative glazing (e.g. \MASTERGLASS \Traditional Patterned glass)
  • Environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption.
External Pane PLANICLEAR
Composition in mm 6(16)6
Coating Position Face 3
LT 70%
LRe 22% 21%
LRi 23% 22%
g-value* 0.49 0.50
Shading Coefficient 0.56 0.57
U-value in W/m2K Air 1.3
90% Argon 1.0


PLANITHERM ONE and PLANITHERM ONE II meet the durability requirements of class C of European standards EN 1096 and are marked.

Positioning the coating on Face 2 affects the performance values, i.e. g-value of 0.46 (PLT ONE) and 0.47 (PLT ONE II).

* Light and solar performance according to EN 410



Handling & Processing

PLANITHERM ONE must always be assembled into a double or triple glazed unit. The coating is generally placed on face 3 (and 5) of the unit, though it is possible to place the coating on face 2 without affecting the U-value. Appearance may vary slightly, so it is important to maintain consistent coating positioning throughout a particular façade.

Glassolutions also offers manufacturers tailored support to assist them in producing the PLANITHERM range of high performance sealed units.

See handling guidelines brochure for more details.