Extremely high selectivity coating featuring advanced thermal properties and market leading neutrality.

COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II is the latest innovation in high performance solar control coatings.

The coating is applied to SGG PLANICLEAR by cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions.

COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II offers the most neutral aesthetics & high performance solar control on a ‘to be toughened’ triple silver product with the additional benefit of achieving a selectivity of 2.12.


SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II is available in a 6000mm x 3210mm size and in a thickness of 6mm.


SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II features an extremely selective solar control coating for use in the commercial market:

Commercial Offices

Can significantly reduce solar heat gain on offices featuring large glazed facades.

Healthcare Sector

Maximising light for health & wellbeing.

Education Sector

Increasing indoor comfort to assist the learning environment.

This new high-performance product is ideally suited for use in facades or overhead glazing in applications requiring toughened or heat treated glass.


Excellent neutrality and aesthetics 

Provides the building designer with the best combination  of performance and aesthetics

Performance: 70% LT and 0.33g-value

Allows 70% light transmission and blocks solar heat gain. Results in a selectivity of 2.12

Thermal insulation 

Achieves a centre pane u-value of 1.0W/m2K in standard 6-16-4 DGU 


DGU with Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 II

External Pane


Internal Pane

Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33II

Composition in mm


Coating Position

Face 2







Shading Coefficient


U-value in W/m2K Air


90% Argon


SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II meets the durability requirements of class C of European standards EN 1096-1 and -2.

* Light and solar performance according to EN 410

Handling & Processing

For optimum product performance and aesthetics SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II must always be toughened or heat-strengthened before assembly into a double glazed unit

SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 70/33 II must also be edge-deleted and should be positioned on face 2 of a double glazed unit to achieve its highest performance criteria.