Solar and thermal insulation glass to optimize thermal comfort

COOL-LITE KN 166 II is a selective glass with advanced sun protection, ensuring at the same time, excellent thermal insulation and high level of natural light.

The coating is applied to SGG PLANICLEAR by cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions.

COOL-LITE KN 166 II is an improved version "to be tempered", that must necessarily be heat treated (tempered or heat strengthened) to be put in work. It has a better selectivity and 'state-of-art' Ug-value.


COOL-LITE KN 166 II is available in 6, 8 and 10mm.

SGG COOL-LITE KN 166 II is extending the existing range of K-coatings:

  • Jumbo size (PLF): 6000 x 3210 mm
  • Split dimensions: available on request
  • Substrate: SGG PLANICLEAR
                     SGG PARSOL green
  • Thicknesses: Standard: 6, 8 and 10mm,
                          other thicknesses on demand

COOL-LITE KN 166 II is perfectly suited for both non-residential applications and residential applications.

Due to its elegant and live appearance, it matches perfectly with all types of facade, giving the building a distinctive note and dynamic at the same time.


Mostly suitable for curtain walling façade but can also be used for double skin, skylights, roofs for office building, shops, etc.

It is a perfect coating for the building market which is neutral in color in reflection combined with an attractive level of reflectivity.


Thanks to its good performance values it is suitable for homes, villas, apartments, terraces closed, etc. and can enhances visual comfort and wellbeing of the habitants by filtering the daylight.


Due to its very low solar factor, it reduces cooling loads, reduces the cost of air conditioning, is more eco-friendly, as it reduces the use of primary energy and associated CO2 emissions.

Its advanced thermal insulation achieves a Ug-value of 1.0 W/m²K in a standard IGU with 16mm Argon filled cavity, which is the best in this category of coatings. It results in an excellent sun protection and high levels of natural light transmission.

Very economical as it allows downsizing the air conditioning equipment required and drastically reduces the heat losses. The solar energy that penetrates in the interior is being much smaller. This ensures a healthier work environment and economy of energy required for lighting.

Unless transmission is very low, measures to control glare must be taken by the architect or designer.

Seen from outside, the glass SGG COOL-LITE® KN 166 II is part of the façade of the building, giving it personality, dynamism and elegance.

SGG COOL-LITE® KN 166 II can be easily combined with other types of glass to add various additional functions, such as sound insulation (with SGG STADIP® SILENCE), security (with SGG STADIP® or SGG STADIP® PROTECT), etc

  6mm SGG COOL-LITE® KN 166 II #2
16mm Argon
On green substrate
6mm SGG COOL-LITE® KN 166 II #2
16mm Argon
Light Transmittance (LT) % 61 49
Light Reflectance (LR) % 22 16
Solar factor g 0,39 0,26
U-value W/m²K 1 1
Handling & Processing

COOL-LITE KN 166 II offers many processing options:

- Insulating glazing
  It must be always assembled in insulating glazing facing to cavity on face #2.

- Thermal Treatment
  It must be heat treated (tempered or heat strengthened) to be put in work.

- Curving
  It can be curved it certain limitation.

- Lamination
  It can be laminated with the coating not in contact with the PVB film.
  (It must be heat treated before lamination).