Product information

New SGG PLANITHERM® XN has been developed for a residential market in order to be glazed in a window.

It is the best Low-E product on the market and it improves the energy efficiency of DGU and TGU windows.

SGG PLANITHERM® XN is ideal for all windows where neutrality and high energy efficiency are needed. For instance following applications:


• Windows for both renovation and new building

• Large area sliding bay windows


• Façades where low Ug Values are required without use of TGU (weight issues for façade structure)


SGG PLANITHERM® XN and SGG PLANITHERM® XN II are available and in stock:

• Jumbo size (PLF): 6 000 x 3 210 mm

• DLF size: 3 210 x 2 250 mm

• Thicknesses: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 mm

• Laminated glass: standard compositions and Jumbo size for SGG PLANITHERM® XN