Simple all-glass appearance

VARIO is a ready-to-install insulating glass system with the typical appearance of an all-glass facade. Simply screwed onto the sub-frame, the three system variations fulfill all national safety requirements.


The European Technical approval (ETA 10-0362) which was awarded at the end of 2010 stands for more than 15 years of successful international practical applications.

The VARIO-Elements are only mechanically fixed back to the facade construction by means of the integrated anchors and a threaded restraint. The glass is pressed against the inner gasket. The outer seal is achieved – as with conventional SSG glazing – by means of a flush-faced permanent weatherseal. Visible glass restraints or cover plates can be omitted without substitute.

VARIO S-FOR and VARIO DZ fulfill the requirements of ETAG 002 by using a safety restraint integrated into the edge of the outer sheet. The perfect all-glass appearance remains intact.

The VARIO Insulating glass system is basically suitable for every transom-mullion subframe which has CE certification, and is an economical solution for facades, entrances and skylights. The consequential flush-faced system avoids disturbing dirt residues from dripping rain water and greatly simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

The elegant appearance is ehnanced by the standard use of black stainless steel spacer bars. These spacer bars are also warm-edge technology and reduce the thermal bridges at the edge of the unit. The highest of requirements in modern architecture for insulation and solar control can be achieved using a variety of glass combinations. Even triple glazed VARIO is available.

An additional advantage is the improvement of the acoustic insulation by means of the constructive de-coupling of the individual sheets compared to conventional glazing. E.g. the VARIO standard composition of 8/16/6 with RW of 39 dB proven. Normal insulating glass with 8/16/6 achieved only 37 dB, - that is 2 dB less noise reduction.