SLIMWALL is a high-performance insulating glass unit with vacuum insulated panels (VIP) embedded in the cavity which provides very high levelsof insulation WITHIN the standard facade frame system while being as quick andeasy to install as a standard IGU. The slenderness of SLIMWALL gives the possibility to design slimmer facades and to save floor space for the occupants while stillproviding the very best levels of thermal insulation. SLIMWALL can also be used for inner or outer wall insulation thus providing a perfect solution to reach passive-house levels ofinsulation. SLIMWALL is a natural solution for high-end partitionsdue to its high sound-reduction performance: Rw=38dB, slenderness – 40mm- andcustomisable sizes.

  • High Insulation Performance :  Compared with conventional façade systems which requireat least 200mm of floor space, the 40mm SLIMWALL will reduce the floor spaceused by, at least, a factor of 5 without any loss of performance.
  • Floor Space Saving : With an R-value comprised between 4.0 W/m² K and 6.0 W/m² K, a 40mmm SLIMWALLpanel is 5 times more efficient than a 600mm conventional house wall.
  • Noise Reduction : By design, SLIMWALL provides a high sound reduction level with Rw=38dB. Indeed, it combines the sound insulating qualities of a standard IGU with theexcellent acoustic qualities of the fumed silica.
  • Design Control : SLIMWALL is also a potential canvas to express design ideas.  As an opaque solution, the surfaces which are visible have to be coated with coloured ceramic frit and as this be cancustomized, it gives architects and owners full freedom to integrate colour andsurface designs into the façade.