Project description: 

The Concept

The Banknote building was built in 2008 by design of Rimas Adomaitis of RA Studio, a promising talent who enjoys experimenting with forms and new technologies. Among above mentioned historical buildings this modern construction also has its special mission: that is to commemorate Lithuania's accession to the EU in 2004.

The Challenge

Buillding the banknote was not an easy project. It was obvious that the highly modern appearance of the building would clash with the much older architecture of the city center.  Indeed, the building needed to fit among all the historical.

The Realization

This curvaceous, luminous, 10 story office building was designed in the form of the LTL 1000 banknote that dates back to 1926. The image of the LTL 1000 banknote is brought onto this building using special enamel paint by GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain . The exterior consists of 4,500 different pieces of glass with enamel designs, which are being slotted together like a giant puzzle. The products used are: CLIMAPLUS, PARSOL and SERALIT. The glass was made in the Netherlands and shipped over, and it can withstand even the most extreme Lithuanian weather. It’s an office center located in the second biggest city in Lithuania. The building lease two large banks: Snoras Bankas and SEB and as to them this is the best place for banks they could ever imagine.

The construction of the building was a success. Housing international bank offices and Lithuanian businesses within its walls, the structure fancies itself as "one of the Baltic region’s most daring and original construction projects".