Project description: 

The Concept

The idea for the new Chabot College Community and Student Services Center (CSSC) was to preserve the outside view and flooding the interior spaces with natural daylight. In addition to that, Chabot College wanted the new CSSC to be an energy-efficient, LEED-certified building, part of a sustainability initiative calling for “green intelligent buildings” across the campus.

The Challenge

When tBP/Architecture began their work on the new CSSC, the design team wanted to incorporate as much glass as possible to flood the interior with daylight and keep a connection to the outdoors for the well-being of the students. Without SageGlass, mechanical shades, blinds and even exterior sunshades would have had to be incorporated on the façade, blocking the view and closing off the space.

The Realization

The SageGlass solution features six zones integrated into the building management system. The glass darkens or clears by zone based on set air temperature thresholds, with a manual override for additional adjustments. Temperature is controlled by radiant heating and cooling in the concrete slab, combined with roof and ceiling air scoops for natural ventilation. In addition, no HVAC system is required for the CSSC atrium. The project has earned LEED Platinum certification.Today, SageGlass glazing keeps glare and temperature under control throughout the day, making effective use of the natural ventilation system. Sightlines to the surrounding campus grounds also remain unobstructed, while natural light reaches the interior spaces and reduces the need for artificial lighting. Phil Newsom, principal architect of tBP/Architecture says, “Our design approach delivers exceptional energy efficiency, due in large part to a ductless heating and cooling system that would not have been possible without deploying SageGlass.”

The goal was achieved, SageGlass made it possible to use an innovative natural air-cooling and heating strategy in the new building. SageGlass was also key to helping designers fulfill their sustainability and energy efficiency goals for the building. Indeed Chabot College received the LEED Platinium.