Project description: 

The Concept

The guiding idea for the new headquarters of TNT was to preserve the outside views while flooding the interior spaces with natural daylight to enhance employees’ well-being.

The Challenge

When the leding architectural practice Paul de Ruiter began their work on the headquarters of TNT, the design team wanted to flood the interior with daylight and keep a connection with the outdoors for the visual comfort of the users. The other major challenge here was to build an intelligent and LEED certified building.

The Realization

For the design, Paul de Ruiter practice assessed different aspects like compactness, flexibility, daylighting, views, connectivity and specially how to build an innovative and green building. Durable, transparent and inspiring the design incorporates several sustainable technologies, such as smart shading, natural ventilation, heat recovery from ventilation and energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Through optimal north façade orientation, plenty of natural light invades the building. The north elevation is made entirely of glass. GLASSOLUTIONS provided COOL-LITE SKN, a high selective solar control and low emissivity coatings which bring optimum performance with very high light transmission, low emissivity and a neutral non-reflective appearance on the façade.

TNT headquarters turned out to be a very successful project. This sustainable building obtained in 2011 the LEED Platinum certification with a score of 54. This realization is now considered one of the greenest office building in Europe.