Promoting Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable habitat is the habitat of tomorrow. This is why we provide you a tool box with all the documentation and information needed to understand our sustainable engagement and how our solutions contribute to sustainable construction.

To become the reference for Sustainable Habitat, Saint-Gobain develops innovative solutions to build and renovate energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy and aesthetically superior buildings, while preserving natural resources.

Saint-Gobain has been involved for many years in global and local efforts to promote sustainable buildings by joining Green Building Councils (GBCs), at local international level. 

When you’re aiming for any green building certification (LEED, BREEAM, HQE, DGNB,…), you can count on glass and our innovative solutions potential to help you score the important points. Our teams will support you with expert advice and technical knowledge to turn challenging environmental projects into reality.

Glass is your best ally!

Energy performance, comfort and respect of the environment, glass is a key point to achieve those requirements, at the heart of all certifications.

By using advanced glass in your project, you can confidently embrace the challenge presented by eco-certifications and come out as a winner of the highest distinctions.

These brochures will help you to understand perfectly what these building eco-certifications consist in.

Sustainable habitat is the habitat of tomorrow. Our solutions are aiming to achieve green certifications requirements through the following key points, starting with energy performance and comfort.


Glass is an energy saving solution.

Our insulating glazing offers a broad spectrum of performance, in terms of thermal insulation, visible light transmittance and solar factor.

For cold climates, the low-E coatings reduce heat losses by keeping the heat inside, and limit the use of the heating. For hot climate, or facades that are exposed to the sun, solar control coatings reduce heat from outside to come inside. It reduces the use of cooling.


The use of high-performance glazing contributes to thermal comfort in both winter and summer, through efficient insulation and solar control, and by eliminating the cold areas around windows.


Traffic, work, loud music… all these noises affect the daily quality of life.

The noise level of a downtown location surrounded by traffic is around 80dB. High performance acoustic glazing can bring a lot of comfort by reducing this exterior noise by up to 50dB (Rw). Acoustic Saint-Gobain’s glass plays a vital role in protecting a room’s soundscape. The choice glazing naturally depends on the noise level outside the building (airport, small town…).


Glass by nature is the right material to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

With its board range of energy-efficient coated glass products, providing a wide variety of visible light transmittance (from less than 10% to 98%) while limiting energy transfer through the glass, Glass can help maximize the natural light entering the building.

A key aspect for user comfort and health.


A window is by nature made of transparent glass.

There are glazing solutions to suit everybody, varying in terms of light transmission, color, neutrality, degree of reflection, etc…

Whatever the preference, the glass offers a great way to view the world outside.


Glass offers the fully-integrated system including a movable blind incorporated inside the cavity of an insulated glass unit (SGG CLIMAPLUS SCREEN and DLS ECKLITE systems) or it offers visibility control thanks to an electro chrome system (SageGlass).

We propose glass which enhances the way people experience daylight in buildings by controlling glare and enables more sustainable design and construction by replacing mechanical shades.

SageGlass is an innovative product with an electrochromic technology integrated. It gives the power to tint on demand _ from a darkened state that absorbs and reradiates away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare, to a clear state that maximizes daylight and solar energy.


Air quality is key for comfort and well-being.

As we spend almost 90% of our time indoors, interior air quality and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content are key issues.

Glass (clear, extra-clear, body tinted, patterned, tempered…) is by nature an inert material that releases no VOCs. Health at your fingertips…


Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe is the first glass processor in the world to have implemented a complete Life Cycle Assessment of its products in compliance with international standards (ISO 14025, 14040 & 14044) and verified by an independent third party.

To obtain the score you like and build, we dispose EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) for each our products, covering more than 165 products configuration, which we can provide you. You may contact one of our team supports to get this key asset for your sustainable project.


All Saint-Gobain Business Glass Europe floats are certified ISO 14 001, which is an Environmental Management System.

All internal Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe quarries are certified ISO 14001 like, for example, Saint-Gobain Samin (sand) in France. Many Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe raw material suppliers are certified ISO 14001. It is Saint-Gobain’s policy to encourage the sourcing of raw materials extracted or made in sites certified ISO 14001 (or the equivalent).


On average 30% of the total weight of a sheet of glass made by Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe comes from recycled internal cullet and “pre-customer” cullet:

“Internal” cullet: broken glass coming from glass manufacturing, reintroduced into the original process;

“Pre-customer” cullet: broken glass coming from processing, before implementing the finished product.

The technical limit to incorporating cullet into glass manufacturing has by no means been reached. This is an unquestionable market opportunity if the collection and treatment channels were set up to collect glass from demolition sites, treat it and recycle it in flat glass furnaces. Saint-Gobain is working on this topic.


Leader in innovation. Saint-Gobain is ranked among the Top 100 Global Innovators.

Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe, a leader in innovation, can provide sustainable glazing with the latest technological advances. We also propose a unique range of multi-functional glazing which combines in the same glazing: excellence in thermal insulation and solar control, easy maintenance, noise control, safety.



  • EPD
  • Reach Declaration
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • BES 6001 certification
  • Responsible Purchasing
  • Technical support 

Our sustainability commitment is driven by our Glass Forever program, with the help of all our stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, suppliers….

From small seeds to big rivers, our vision is to promote our glass solutions and to differentiate, while improving our environmental footprint and increasing our contribution to people’s wellbeing.