Laminated Glass / Laminate / Laminating

Two or more sheets of annealed or heat treated glass are separated by one or more plastic inter layers (normally PVB) and subjected to heat and pressure, in order to ensure perfect adhesion between constituent elements.

Light Reflectance (LRe)

The proportion of the visible spectrum that is reflected by the glass.

Low Iron

Referring to extra clear glass, which has a reduced iron oxide content in order to lessen the green tinge inherent to ordinary clear float glass.

Light Transmittance (LT)

The proportion of the visible spectrum that is transmitted through the glass.

LSG Ratio

Light to solar gain (LSG) is the ratio of the visible light transmittance (VLT) and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of a glass. In absolute percentage terms, a ratio greater than 1 signifies that the daylight passing through the glass is more than the sun’s direct heat passing through it.